Hatch Realty’s 2017 MVP and Top Performers

Another year is ending which gives Hatch Realty 11+ months of data, numbers, client events and team training to reflect and look back on.  Each year in December, at the company’s holiday party, Erik Hatch recognizes the top performers of 2017.  These awards are dictated by both numbers and some, team voted awards.  The top award, the Hatch Champion (or MVP), is a team voted award that recognizes the top Hatch Realty team member proven most valuable in regards to leadership and their ability to have lead by example throughout the 2017 year.

This year’s Hatch Champion is awarded to two Hatch Realty team members, who both received equal nominations from their team. The Hatch Champion (MVP) is awarded to Jim Rentfrow (for the second year in-a-row) and for the first time, Connor Johnson.  Watch Erik Hatch highlight Jim and Connor’s year with the company and why Hatch Realty’s team chose to recognize both of these individuals for their award.

Congratulations to all our 2017 Award winners! 

2017 Top Listing Agent – Marc Hedlund

2017 Top Buyer Agent – Brandon Raboin

2017 Top ISA and Hatch Champion – Jim Rentfrow

2017 Top Administrator – Kirsten Herman

2017 Top Expansion Partner – Scott Fergen

2017 Sphere Master – Kyle Reedstrom

2017 Hatch Champion – Connor Johnson

2017 Hatch Hall of Fame – Josh Boschee