Mitch and Jessie reflect on buying their first home with Emily Duma

Posted by Erik Hatch on Thursday, May 25th, 2017 at 1:04pm.

Mitch and Jessie recently purchased a house in North Fargo and were excited to detail their experience working with Hatch Realty’s Emily Duma.

After browsing homes online, Jessie and Mitch received a call from Emily to set up a meeting, and from there things happened fast. “Before we knew it, we were looking at different houses, and a couple weeks later we found our perfect starter-house, and now we just closed today,” says Jessie.

Like many couples, Mitch and Jessie had different ideas of what they wanted in a home, and naturally the question of whether they could find a home that suits both of them crossed their minds. “Even though we kind of wanted different things a lot of the time, they just really listened and you know, they reassured us after the first couple houses,” says Jessie.We had no idea how long it should take or, you know, if there really was a house out there for both of us that we would love. But they found it,” she highlights. 

As first-time home buyers, there are a lot of questions and sometimes things can feel overwhelming. Because of that, working with a Realtor® that they could trust was essential for Mitch and Jessie. “I felt like she wouldn't have taken us to a house or let us leave a house feeling great about it, if it wasn't a good house. So we really trusted her in that way,” Mitch explains. Adding to her husband’s point, Jessie says, We both felt like they had our best interests at heart throughout the whole process, and that that was huge for us.”

While there are countless reasons to be excited about purchasing a home for the first time, Mitch and Jessie shared what they most look forward to with their new home. 

For Mitch, it’s the space that gets his mind racing. “I can't wait to grill on the deck, and put a swing up in the porch, sit down and read a book. That's what I'm really excited for. And to get a dog,” he says.

For Jessie, the start of a new chapter in their book together is something that cannot be more exciting. “Just building those memories together... and just starting a different chapter in our lives in a new house. It feels like the American dream,” she says.

Overall, their first buying experience was even more simple than anticipated. “We would recommend working with Hatch Reality because from the starting process all the way to the end they really walked us through it step by step,” says Jessie.

“Everyone told us how stressful buying a home was when we said we are looking for a home. All, ‘it's so stressful.’ We didn't feel that way,” says Mitch.

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