Emily Duma, Buyer Specialist

Emily was born in New Delhi, India, and was adopted into the Midwest, and has remained a Fargo native her whole life. She attended high school at Fargo South. Her passion for people started at a young age and has flourished through high school, college and many other experiences.

Emily has a strong ambition for life, and has been staying fervently busy as long as she can remember. The ambition for life and people is often shown through her travels, as that is one of her passions. In 2009 she spent 3 months teaching English and volunteering in Faridabad, India. After this eye opening experience she returned to the United States with a fire to pursue an Anthropology degree at NDSU; she graduated in 2012.

All of her travels have been funded by her determination, and hard work in the restaurant and bar industry throughout the last decade. Customer service comes naturally to Emily, as she enjoys taking care of people. Prior to real estate, Emily had been with Mezzaluna as a bartender since they opened. Getting to be a part of the close knit downtown community is something she has really enjoyed, and has allowed to her to meet so many great people.

Emily married her amazing husband (Aaron) in 2013, and they are excited to begin their lives together! They live happily up in North Fargo, and enjoy the quiet residential neighborhoods.

Placing others’ needs before her own, is something Emily has always held near and dear to her heart. Customer service was one way in which she was able to express that, which made real estate a perfect match. Emily is excited to be the friendly face that helps you through this process.

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